Ms. Beth Clevenstine
School(s): Middle School
Department(s): Specialist Teacher
Title(s): Middle School Art Teacher

Beth Clevenstine is excited to join the French International School’s faculty as the Middle School Art Teacher. An award-winning public and installation artist, Ms. Clevenstine earned her master’s degree in Teaching and Learning in Art and Design from the Rhode Island School of Art and was awarded the 2010 National Academy of Fine Arts public art fellowship in NYC.

Her work includes the “Fountain Street” mosaic project, a glass installation along 64 stairs, including several murals and a volunteer-maintained public garden along the Manayunk tow path. Ms. Clevenstine also works with unconventional materials to create temporary installations for companies such as Anthropologie and Saks Fifth Ave. in New York City. These designs have been awarded DDI’s platinum award in the annual winning windows Manhattan holiday window competition.

Ms. Clevenstine is looking forward to teaching her students how to translate ideas and feelings into a wide variety of media including ceramics, metals, glass and fibers.