Parents and Alumni Community: Alumni Testimonials

Whether they are in high school, college or starting their professional careers, French International School alumni are fearlessly pursuing their passions in fields and locations as diverse as they are. For many, the initial "spark" that ignited their curiosity and led them on their current path was a class, teacher or experience at our school. We are tremendously proud of our alumni's successes. Here are some of the many successful faces of the FISOP Alumni:


Class of 2018
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Aruna's testimonial!


Class of 2017
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Sydney's testimonial!


Class of 2012
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David's testimonial!


Class of 2015
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Dylan's testimonial!


Class of 2009
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Joey's testimonial!


Class of 2007
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Carlo's testimonial!


Class of 2009
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Alix's testimonial!


Class of 2008
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Below are takeaways from the Alumni Evening of Reflection:

Inez Williams ‘16 
Being in an international school helps you relate to people. You feel connected to everyone, because you grow up with everyone.
I really love going to small tight knit schools, because I think personally, for me, that's how I learned better, so I’m thankful for FISOP for helping me realize that

Syd Casey-Willig ‘17
Empathy is something that is just so ingrained in the curriculum and the school culture. 
This school does a really beautiful job of teaching empathy and having it stick.

Marielle Buxbaum ‘16 
The character of the school encourages, middle schoolers especially, to be very open with who they are and very honest about themselves. It fortifies you as a person who's more sure of yourself and in your identities going into the future.

Mrs. Denny (Retired faculty) 
All of the students are still our children and they know they can come and find us. It was one family and it continues to be whether you're in highschool, college or you’ve graduated.

Heidi Ureña Black (P ‘23 ‘26)
This is a community and they're growing these very impressive people. They’re, so very impressive. They're kind, they're intelligent, they're articulate, they’re well rounded people and it makes me feel very good because it gives you a glimpse into the future.