Admissions: Financial Aid

For All Families:

The French International School of Philadelphia’s financial aid program is designed to enhance the mission of the school. It ensures that each student who applies for financial aid be granted appropriate consideration. Financial aid grants will be awarded to full-time students within the bounds of the French International School’s financial resources, the highest award amounting to 50% of tuition.

Financial aid is determined by a family’s ability to meet educational expenses. It is based on need, not on willingness or unwillingness to pay.

As a guideline, the French International School’s financial aid committee uses a service called “School and Student Services for Financial Aid” which specializes in reviewing financial aid applications and in determining families’ needs.

For more information regarding our financial aid program, please contact us.


For French Citizens:

French families registered at the French Consulate can apply for a scholarship from the French government. Application forms are available during the month of January and can be obtained by calling the school office or the Consulate.

For the 2022-2023 school year, applications and all documentation must be received by the Consulate by February 25, 2022. In April, a review panel will meet to make recommendations based on the families’ income and assets and will submit them to the national commission in Paris.

Please note that the review panel meets again in October but exclusively reviews applications presented by French families who moved to our area after the first commission.