Mrs. Delphine Cormier Camus

School(s): Primary School
Department(s): French Faculty
Title(s): First Grade Teacher

Delphine Cormier Camus joined the French International School of Philadelphia in September 2008 as a kindergarten teacher. 2020 marks her third time in this school. She has twenty years of experience with young children. Raised in Normandy, France, Mrs. Cormier Camus earned her diploma in specialized teaching from Caen and her master’s degree in education sciences from the University of Lyon. She also obtained a National Diploma, teacher of young children.
A native French speaker, Mrs. Cormier Camus enjoys creating special projects in the French language, theater, arts, and technology that the students find exciting and can learn from.
In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking and travel where she may discover new things.