School Life & Services: Field Trips, Assemblies & Traditions

The French International School of Philadelphia offers a variety of activities and events that reinforce our unique curriculum and emphasizes the values of the school community.

Field Trips

At each grade level, field trips to enhance class themes are taken on a regular basis. For instance, in pre-kindergarten, the study of pumpkins will be enriched by a visit to a local farm. In fourth grade, a unit on the American Revolution is covered in English and includes trips to Valley Forge and the Brandywine Battlefield. Other destinations include the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, the Lankenau Hospital Education Center, Independence Hall, the Barnes Foundation, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Opera Company.


We also have diverse school assemblies to celebrate the cultures of the world, special events, holidays, or themes that are being studied in class. The study of a composer's work in music class throughout the grades may culminate with the production of a ballet on campus or a special field trip. We encourage our parents and community to share their talents and expertise with our students. They enhance our students' learning by presenting information about their occupations, heritage and experiences.


Our school year begins and ends with a family picnic. The entire school participates in an annual Thanksgiving celebration, and all are welcome at our Halloween and Mardi Gras parades. Field Day offers games and friendly competition and concludes the school year on a positive note. The school also celebrates Earth Day and engages in environmental education projects. Our parent Diversity Committee sponsors a day of service in January with our faculty, parents, students and alumni to benefit our local community.