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We are looking for junior instructors interested in volunteering for the French for Fun Summer Camp this summer. The camp will run from Wednesday June 12th to Friday July 26th, weekends and July 4th excluded. If interested, please contact our camp director Fabrice Paradis at

Stay Connected!

We want to stay connected with our alumni. If you or your child is a graduate of the French International School of Philadelphia and have exciting news to share (awards, college plans, study abroad trips, new jobs, family additions, etc), we want to hear from you! We are proud of your achievements and can’t wait to see what endeavors you will pursue next.

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Alumni Giving at FISOP

A culture of giving is abundant with opportunities to participate, build relationships, and create a network to support current and future students of the French International School of Philadelphia. Anything is possible if we work together and share our gifts!

No contribution is too small. Collectively, annual donations by alumni and their families helps ensure the continued excellence of the FISOP experience while strong participation numbers demonstrate confidence in our methods and mission. And remember, consistency is key. Click here for information on giving back. 

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