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Have Your Tax Dollars Support the French International School of Philadelphia!

About the EITC & OSTC Programs

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC) allow individuals and companies that are doing business and paying taxes in Pennsylvania to redirect a portion of their state tax payments to approved scholarship organizations. The French International School of Philadelphia qualifies as an approved scholarship organization, so you can direct your tax credits to support our Beyond Borders Fund, which provides our community scholarships and tuition assistance.

Any business that pays PA taxes and any individual who pays $3,500 or more in PA state tax is eligible to participate in the program. You can receive a 90% tax credit on the donated amount, and then claim the remaining 10% on your federal taxes as a charitable donation. So, if you make a $3,500 gift to Beyond Borders through EITC, it means you’ll only be out of pocket $350. 

If you would like to speak with someone at the School, or wish to request a joinder agreement, please contact Corinne Leballeur in our Development Office at or (610) 667-1284.

You can also click here for a more detailed presentation.

ETIC/OSTC Schedule for 2023-2024 

May 15, 2023: All guaranteed EITC tax credits are ordered
July 2023: Previous donors are contacted to confirm participation
September-December 2023: Tax credit award letters are received. Donors are contacted for their payments, there are deadlines on the letters. 
December 31, 2023: All payments to the SPE must be made
January -February 2024: FISOP is contacted with the contribution amounts
February-March 2024: Tax documents are issued to donors
July-September 2024: State refunds are issued to donors

Thank you to our 2022-2023 EITC & OSTC Donors!

Laurence & Christine Buxbaum
Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company
Gerard & Nadine Durham
Elliott-Lewis Corporation
Daniel Evrard & Helene Seydoux
Bradley Garfield & Amanda Henninger
Peter & Pandora Lorenzi
Matthew Mousley & Tonya McDaniel
The Oltmanns Family
Republic Bank
Sylvie & Gérard Satre
Marc Simmons & Gillian Johnson
Willig, Williams & Davidson
The Yoga Garden