Ms. Géraldine Gossard-Fusco

School(s): Primary School
Department(s): French Faculty
Title(s): Middle School French Language Arts Teacher

Born and raised in Lyon, France, Geraldine Gossard-Fusco came to the French International School of Philadelphia to teach in 2007. A native French speaker, Ms. Gossard-Fusco is fluent in English, and speaks some Spanish and Italian.

She received her master’s degree in English from Université Lumière Lyon 2, France, with a major in 20th century art and minors in psychology and French as a foreign language. She received her teacher’s certification in 2003.

From her first trip abroad teaching French, Ms. Gossard-Fusco understood that teaching in a multicultural environment means learning from other cultures and history. She says she learns from both at the French International School in her exchanges with American teachers and learning from students’ experiences.  The French International School community is what Ms. Gossard-Fusco finds very special. The close bonds between the administration, parents and teachers make her daily teaching fulfilling. She also says that to see students’ progress from day-to-day and read in French autonomously is rewarding.

In addition to France and the United States, Ms. Gossard-Fusco has lived in Toronto, Ontario and Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada and London and Nottingham, England. She is passionate about the environment and enjoys cooking, travel and outdoor activities with her my husband and their daughters, who are French International School students.