Ms. Tracy Dutton

School(s): Administration, Primary School
Department(s): Administrative and Office Staff, American Faculty
Title(s): First Grade Teacher; Admissions Assistant

Tracy Dutton joined the French International School of Philadelphia in 1995 and is both a first grade English teacher and an admissions assistant. She studied early childhood education at Pine Manor College where she received her bachelor of art degree.

Working at the school has given Ms. Dutton the opportunity to work with a multi-cultural group of people and the opportunity to travel to their home countries twice since becoming a teacher with the French International School. She finds the experiences amazing and offers her insight to the way others live.

When asked what she thinks makes the French International School unique, Ms. Dutton said she believes that the friendships made with people from all over the world is exceptional.

Ms. Dutton also offers the following advice to incoming families: “Take time to learn how the two educational systems (French and American) complement each other. The curriculum may not be exactly the same as your neighborhood school, for very good reasons; they are not learning in two languages.”