Mr. Vaitea Grand

Title(s): Assistant Head of School and French Program Coordinator (G4-G8)

Vaitea Grand grew up in French Polynesia in a multilingual environment. He left home to pursue his postsecondary education at the University of Toulouse 2, then at the French Institute of Madrid. There he completed his Masters in Iberian Studies in 2004, and went on to Paris to receive his education certificate. Mr. Grand taught middle school and high school Spanish, as well as Spanish literature and civilization courses at the University of Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle. In 2013, Mr. Grand left France to join the Awty International School of Houston, where he discovered the rich multicultural world of French schools in North America. In 2016, Mr. Grand joined the Lycée Français de New York as head of the foreign language department. Over the past five years Mr. Grand, in conjunction with his colleagues across multiple disciplines, has focused on project-based learning and rendering secondary curricula more cohesive. Mr. Grand is delighted to join the French International School of Philadelphia in light of the values it upholds, the diversity and multiculturalism that it represents, and its familial atmosphere. He hopes to utilise his experience to benefit both our students’ well-being and academic success.